Welcome to the Glitched Polygons donations page, where you can become a donor and supporter of our video game development projects. Your money, even in the smallest amounts, is highly appreciated and respected.

All donations will be reinvested into our video game projects for things like software licences and/or subscriptions, freelancer personnel, equipment, etc… If you have specific demands on how we use the money you donated, feel free to contact us directly and tell us (please include the Transaction-ID in the message). 


Donate in Cryptocurrencies

We currently accept four cryptocurrencies for donations: bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, and monero. If you want to donate some digital money, please send it to the specified addresses on each of the sides of this text block. Even the smallest amount is highly appreciated and very welcome. 

The addresses are updated regularly, and can be scanned comfortably with most cryptocurrency wallet apps.

As passionate technology enthusiasts and innovation-loving people, we really like the relatively modern concept behind cryptocurrencies. Instead of rejecting new things prematurely, embrace them! Only this way, by trying out new stuff, we can evolve and make more awesome things in the world... and if they fail, at least we can't say that we haven't tried. And if they don't fail, well, good for you :)

 Click this button above to donate with PayPal

Click this button above to donate with PayPal

Donate with PayPal

Donations via PayPal are also welcome. You can find out more about PayPal and sign up for it on The advantage of using PayPal is that you never have to provide your valuable credit card information directly to a merchant. While this isn't a huge problem on big, well-known online stores, it's especially useful to maintain your privacy when buying from smaller stores or, well, donating to private persons (like you'd be doing in this case for example). All this thanks to PayPal's buyer protection.

Donate using a credit card

Donate with Stripe

If you want, you can also donate directly using a credit card with Stripe, the official payment processor of Visit for more information.