New productivity tools available on the Glitched Polygons store

Hi all,

I'm super glad to announce the launch of our new productivity line of tools on our store. For now there are two Windows applications for compressing folders and spreading files: the sick packing utility and the dank file spreader (trust me, it's the dankest!). They're both super small programs, and the two dollars they cost each are more of a contribution/donation than "actual" price. We think it's fair. 

Our team uses the tools actively for the automation of packaging backups and spreading them to the various target locations such as cloud sync folders, external hard disk drives, etc... It's a nice set of tools to have that save you a few seconds every time :)

Furthermore: there are some news from our donation page too. We now also accept donations in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Monero (XMR).

Hope you all enjoy, and wish you all a Merry Christmas. Have a fantastic 2018!