Currently, we are a team of 2 programmers, 1.5 artists, a sound guy, a webmaster and a cat.

We live in separate places, have difficult every-day lives and situations, coming from different places... and some of us can only meet up once or twice a year for an intense game dev month, but we are all friends and have been for a long, long time. And we never gave up on the idea of creating video games. We are constantly motivated to create awesome content for you to enjoy and also for customers who want high quality video games shipped efficiently and punctual. Not fast. Punctual.

Our main focus is to bring back the good old gaming experience from a few years ago; "old-school games" as some would call it. We try to mix modern game mechanics and graphics with traditional gameplay elements and designs in a refreshing way (or, at least, that's what we think we do... it's up to you to judge).


Raphael Beck

Founder of Glitched Polygons. 

Swiss guy with passion for programming, mediocre modelling/texturing skills and waay too many hobbies in life. When he's not dedicating himself to his projects he's either at the local shooting range having some fun, working out in the gym or going for a hike in the mountains to take reference pictures for the project...

Currently works on two main video game projects (one on mobile, one on desktop).

Came in contact with game dev for the first time around 2007 thanks to many good friends and Valve's Source SDK. After creating numerous maps for various Source Engine powered games, he started working on a Half-Life 2 mod named tr1p.

Ever since the release of tr1p in May 2013, he started working with Unity and Unreal Engine.



Concept artist and idea factory.

She's a smart woman with beautiful green eyes and unique style; you can't not like her. Seriously.

A great painter (especially when it comes to character design and landscapes). She's full of new, fresh ideas every day and has impressive visions when it comes to storytelling and video game environments. One of her hobbies is to travel. 

When we're stuck, run out of ideas or just don't know what to do with our lives anymore she's always happy to help out with new ideas, tips and a constant good mood (this is extremely valuable for us programmers). 

Sere produces indispensable art like concepts and drafts. She also tells us when something sucks, which is great, because she is a 100% honest and neutral source of information. 

Her realistic goals and rational time management capabilities make her an important resource for Glitched Polygons.



Co-Founder of Glitched Polygons.

Fantastic person. He's our bro and genius programmer. You can consider him one of the most reliable friends and developers ever; he is always there for you when you need technical assistance and is able to provide efficient solutions in no Time (name-pun intended). 

He's been with us since the very beginning and has contributed so damn much to Glitched Polygons.

We meet up once or twice a year with him for an awesome game dev & party month where we discuss future plans for our projects and enjoy great evenings together.

He has kind of a mutualistic symbiosis-like relationship with us, in that he mainly works on his own projects and helps us when help is needed (and vice versa). We help each other, and couldn't be happier with how things are.

The rest of the year we stay in touch via Steam developing our games in sync with good music in the background (it's what we call a "bro-night").



Sound artist.

Robin's our sound guy, also part of the bro-team and extremely artisty (if that's a word). He's a Swiss musician with prog and metal influences. After playing for a couple of years in bands, he started to record his own album. Check him out on his website!

While his musical talents are beyond earthly awesomeness, he is also a very good technical draftsman and delivers unbelievable drawings. Give him any tool and he will make art out of it. He will turn our game's soundtrack into unforgettable art. He will even turn our cat into art one day. Eventually.

His great heart (and beard), his friendly appearance (and facial hair) and his rational mindset (it's the beard, really...) make him the cool man he is. No, seriously! He is always there for us when we really need him and/or if we need some "yolo time".

With Robin you can't spend anything but extremely premium time. Trustworthy human jukebox he is...  He's the (more) normal guy in our team, which is why we really hope our permanent weirdness is at least partially bearable for him, because we don't want and definitively don't intend to lose him. Especially as a friend.